A highly engaging and visual way to deliver your message. Maybe you need to communicate a difficult message or simply explain a process in the most effective way. Maybe you want to characterise your business or simply give your clients a talking point!

Bite Sizes Social Snippets

Animatics (moving images) or mini animations delivered as a bite-size series (usually 5 x 10 secs) to boost engagement on your online channels. Perfect, cost-effective social media content.

How we do it


Video production is a collaborative process and it’s important we work together to deliver the best possible results. That means we listen intently to you, and we make sure you understand us.  


We will research creative styles which we think will work for your project and present these to you via one of our inspiration packs. This is a starting point to provoke your imagination so you become aware of the creative possibilities before you decide the approach you want to take.


Filming day booked then it’s lights, camera and action! We fully appreciate video production and/or animation is a new experience for many of our clients so we meticulously plan every filming day(s) and ensure you are given a full shot list to explain how the day(s) will run, ahead of schedule.


We work exceptionally hard in the planning stages to ensure your expectation is met and managed at output. We know you’ll want to make some changes and that’s fine, we include two set of revisions free of charge. We are confident that’s all you’ll need.


If required, we will support you to understand all the content marketing opportunities available to you with your new video/animation. 

Get in touch with our video production team to discuss your project.

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